Home Inspection


At Smart Choice Inspections, LLC, we understand you may have concerns about the report you receive from an inspection performed on your home or commercial property. Our inspectors are here to offer their guidance as you prepare for an upcoming inspection. We have compiled a selection of the most frequently asked questions relating to inspections and how they can make a difference in the value of your property.

Although you may think performing your own inspection will save you money, it isn’t a wise idea for the long-term value and safety of your home. Our licensed inspectors at Smart Choice Inspections, LLC are specially trained to perform thorough exams that focus on the physical structure and systems of your home. It would be helpful to perform your own pre-inspection that compiles a list of concerns you would like to be further examined by a professional inspector. It’s also important to note, most insurance companies require an inspection to be completed by a licensed inspector for home insurance purposes.
A residential home or commercial property inspection can provide crucial information about your property before you purchase or sell it. Inspection reports can outline major system failures or problems, as well as builder oversights that may have been missed in a developmental phase. No matter the age of your home or property, an inspection can give you peace of mind about the safety, value and performance of mechanical and structural systems.
We recommend you are in attendance for any inspection of your property. It is important to speak directly with one of our inspectors about any additional concerns you may have about your home or commercial property. Be sure to ask questions during an inspection in the event you need more information on a particular system.
An inspection isn’t intended to give your property a pass or fail grade. The purpose of an inspection is to provide you with a detailed report of problems and solutions for system failures within your home or commercial property. If your inspection report includes an extensive list of repairs, it doesn’t mean you failed the inspection. Take note that when there are more items to be repaired based on our report, it may be more difficult to purchase affordable homeowners insurance until those items are repaired.
An inspection from Smart Choice Inspections, LLC will include detailed evaluations of your HVAC system, indoor plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, basement and overall structural components of your property. If there are particular areas of concern you would like us to inspect, we would be happy to do so.
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